Posted on 19-Nov-2019

Now Prepay Mozambique S.A

The fast-paced industry of technology and commercial practices specifically the prepaid industry necessitated the need for the electronic distribution technology. Africat, a region acclaimed to have a growing swift in its economy recognizes the VendTek Systems Inc. As a leading technology provider.

Now Prepay Mozambique S.A. has revolutionized the prepaid industry in Africa and has extended its application through its PIN-based Prepaid Services and Point-Of-Sale (POS) technology offering easier, more efficient and convenient processing of multiple sales transactions.

Now even initial purchase and replenishment are handled electronically. Further, with our technology, no more need for retailers to purchase and manage an inventory of prepaid products.

Now Prepay Mozambique S.A., through the technology of VendTek Systems, has been proven the best prepaid program and has positioned itself well to address the fast-evolving requirements of the distribution industry. While in the forefront of technological advances, NPM maintains simplicity and ease of use of their products. This practice has created end-user loyalty and has brought wider opportunity to attract new clients.
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